The SRU stands for Specialized Response Unit. The only way to get into the SRU, is by tryouts and must be a Guard+ in order to participate.


The SRU are much more different to the other normal SDs, SRUs appear to wear a darker uniform instead of the white uniform, SRUs are equipped with a Shotgun instead of the P90s which spray bullets everywhere as they prove effective during riots and in smaller places examples are floor 1 and the TSTA.

SRU normally join during a D-class riot, they would enter the TSTA kill every single rioting D-class, after that the SRU will tell the SD in the radio that it's safe to come down. If however the SRU cannot contain the riot, either a SRU or a S9 would be needed a lockdown would occur. SRU may also guard the TSTA like any other SD would. 

Where to find them

  • TSTA
  • SD armoury
  • Floor 1
An SRU guarding the TSTA

An SRU guarding the TSTA


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